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client.jpg Brad and Jacqui Anderson’s Farm, Farm Location

We started using Twin Farm genetics in 2013 when we purchased 2 stud rams to put over 200 high performing TEFRom ewes. The ram lambs produced were then used over our commercial ewes. We have since purchased 2 more stud rams and are very happy with the progeny.

Twin Farm was chosen in an effort to lift lamb survival and lamb growth rate on mum. The genetics have delivered on both fronts. Our farm is steep hill country in a cold windy area and the new genetic s are coping fine on the hills .The 2ths are our first full line with Twin Farm genetics and delivered a pleasing 184% scanning after lambing as hoggets and going through a very dry autumn.

The lambs are also yielding very well. In the 2015 weaning draft our TEFRom cryps went through the viascan at 58.52% and delivered a yield quality payment of $7.81.

We also used some Suftex X Charalais rams and their progeny went 58.13% and $7.36. This included a large number of ewe lambs.

We are getting the results we expected with these genetics and will continue to use them into the future.

The proof is in the progeny

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