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Hogget Lambing in the wet weather

Follow Andrew as he goes around the hoggets during lambing. The steady rain had pushed the stream level right up and it was flowing back into our paddocks. But the hoggets had it under control taking all their little lambs to the shelter.

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Tailing on the Hill Block 2019

Here is a clip from tailing on the hill. The ewes were set-stocked before lambing, and this is the first time we have seen them since.

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Twin Farm Field Day

Dr Neville Jopson's presentation on the value of Maternal Worth to commercial farmers, from our field day.

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Hogget Lambing Field day

Here is Deane Carson's presentation on the value of Hogget Lambing at our field day.

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Winners - Abacus Bio Ltd New Zealand Maternal Worth Award

We are delighted to announce that we are the 2017 winners of the Abacus Bio New Zealand Maternal Worth award at the New Zealand Sheep Industry Awards fo Read more

Twin Farm Lambing

Tagging Hogget twins, Andrew is EID tagging and recording the lambs, along with a maternal and teat placement score for the hogget.

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Southern Field Days 2020

We welcome you to visit us at the Southern Field Days, site 120 in the Agricentre. We look forward to catching up with existing clients, and meeting new and perspective clients. We are also more than happy to talk to other sheep farmers who might be interested in learning more about how the independent trials throughout New Zealand work, and wha Click to view

A I Breeding Programme

This season we have used AI in our breeding programme across 95 ewes in our TEFRom and Suftex studs.

This is the eighth time we have used AI in our breeding programme and it is a great tool to enable us to use genetics which would otherwise be hard to use due to location or demand. Using high performing outside rams ensures breeding divers Click to view

Weighing Ewe Hogget Fleeces

On December 28 we got Darin Forde's shearing gang in to shear the TEFRom ewe hoggets, these had been weaned a week prior. This video shows the shearing of the ewe hoggets and the fleeces being weighed. It is an 'all-hands-on-deck' job to ensure the recording is accurate. The fleece weights become a component of the Maternal Worth value calculate Click to view

Genetic Trends - TEFRom


Genetic Trends graphs for Twin Farm TEFRoms Flock 4474.

The green 'overall' line shows the national average for maternal breeds.

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Genetic Trends - Suftex


Genetic Trends graphs for Twin Farm Suftex Flock 4705.

The green 'overall' line shows the national average for terminal breeds

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