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We have been breeding the Suftex flock since 1999 when we crossed the Suffolk flock with Texels.

From the resulting progeny we could tell they would not be a strong enough marker for clients. So we top crossed the progeny to make a three quarter Suffolk, quarter Texel, retaining the growth rates and colour of a Suffolk and the muscling for high meat yield from the Texel. This means very high growth rate lambs with around 56% meat yield

In 2011 and 2012 we used some Charollais rams in the Suftex stud. A three way cross retains hybrid vigour effect for clients, and we evaluated it to see if it could bring extra muscling and growth rate genes to our already high performing mix. The result was an increase in survival. The main aim is still to keep them black as a good marker, high yielding and growing fast.

When used over TEFRom 2nd cycle ewe hoggets, the progeny were 31.2kg, compared to TEFRom over TEFRom at 31.1kg, but the Suftex cross lambs were also 17 days younger.

Texels (two copy MYOMax) were used in 1999 and 2002 to increase muscling, survival and worm resistance.

Suftex Attributes

  • We have bred Suftex with a double copy of Myomax since 2005.
  • TF 258/11 Top Suftex in CPT 2015
  • Very Black – an excellent terminal marker
  • Extremely fast growing lambs
  • High meat yield, at any weight
  • Wedge shaped shoulders for easier lambing
  • Great for Hogget Lambing
  • Using A.I. to access top performing sires from the industry
The proof is in the progeny

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