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A Stabilised Composite. Taking the best from the Texel, East Friesian and Romney to achieve fast lamb growth in an efficient ewe – 18 years of stabilisation.

The initial TEFRom cross was based on:

  • 25% Texel muscling, parasite resistance and clear under the tail.
  • 25% East Friesian high fertility (230% base) and milking ability.
  • 50% Romney for stability. strong constitution, fleece weight together with growth rate, fertility and muscling.

TEFRom Hogget Lambing

Sheep that lamb as hoggets are more productive over their life. 100%+ weaning percentage is achievable. Running dry hoggets for a year is no longer efficient.

Ewe Performance

The high milking and growth rate of TEFRoms means we have been achieving over 50% of the lambs away at weaning, 12 weeks, at over 33kgs live weight.

TEFRom Attributes

  • Over 10% better survival to weaning - based on five years of direct comparison of running the TEFRoms alongside our existing Romney stud
  • 3.5 Kgs heavier on average at weaning - based on five years of direct comparison of actual average weaning weight between the two studs even though the TEFRoms reared more lambs
  • Hogget lambing at over 100% to the ram - now successfully being achieved by clients as well
  • Longevity not affected by hogget lambing - two tooths are scanning at 190% plus, after lambing as hoggets. Some ewes are still sound at 10 years
  • Fleeces are finer and bulkier - main clip 35-36micron
  • Smaller tails - less of a check when docked
  • Clear patch around the tail - makes for ease of management and less dags
  • High Yielding Lambs - Earn more money through high yield, also meeting the Alliance Meat Yield with around 56% yield.
  • Minimal Shepherding Required
  • Myomax and Myomax Gold
  • Increased milking ability in late lactation


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The proof is in the progeny

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